Paypal Quasi-Cash: What is it?

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unknown uchiha

17-02-2006 13:51:03

Just wondering, Quasi-Cash always sounded spiffy and I've wanted to give it a try. What is it?


17-02-2006 16:42:45

Why, it's the transmission of money not involving an underlying service or good! Like, if I ask a pal to send me $5 really quickly, he would be giving me money without me giving him anything back.


17-02-2006 16:57:31

beware of fees though

unknown uchiha

18-02-2006 09:50:19

Oh ICIC. Yeah I get fees sometimes due to my account being a business one (Had to upgrade for the Mastercard debit thing).


18-02-2006 13:28:41

If you're sending money from a bank account or from your paypal balance, quasi-cash has the same fees as any other transaction type. but if you send money from a credit card and choose quasi-cash then it gets billed to your cc as a cash advance, which generally has fees, more/sooner interest, and other downsides.