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17-02-2006 06:22:59

so i was just wondering (by the way i think I qualify as a super noob here) how you get others to sign up under your account..,like tell the site that they came to them because of me. what is the best strategy to get people to notice me specifically? am i able to post some kind of link on my myspace? anyone who has been through this process would be of great help.


17-02-2006 16:54:49

some things that i have done.
1. email people in your contact list. a good thing to do is for people who will only do your referral and then stop, tell them to do a credit card offer that all they have to do for is sign up, make a purchase and get a gift card. then they have an extra credit card as well. i keep my credit cards.
2. you can put it on myspace, I did ) and with html you can make it how you want it.
3. put it in signatures at message boards that allow referral links. for example I love college hockey and post at my referral is there. (dmb), (cornell hockey). I have gotten 4 referrals that way )
3. friends and family are good )
the key is, dont spam, always remember that )


18-02-2006 06:33:38

hmmmm..but where would i find how to get the right code for myspace...i noticed that they have them pre-made for live journal and friendster, but i don't know how to even use those...i love myspace because it's just soo darn easy. And the credit card it like this? sign up for a credit card....then make a purchase with it so they know it's legit and that a certain person isn't using them for a free gift...or can i just complete the offer by asking for a credit card and then when i get it in the mail...cut it up into many pieces...because credit cards scare the hell outta me...i've had bad experiences with the online and the putting the number of the card that has the credit and the pudding pops....umm....but yeah i just don't wanna make this seem like a scam to my friends (because it's not) so i think myspace is the way to reach out to the way if anyone wants to message me on myspace it's

i hope you guys are able to help me with the html code thing.


18-02-2006 09:31:08

hi big steve
in freepay to get your html do this
log into to whichever site you want to get the referral link for
click on status
there in the center of the page is the referral html.
it should look something like this (my referral link is removed)
x = a bunch of numbers
in your profile on myspace where you type in whatever you type in, add this line
<a href="http//"> get your free xxxx </a>
always have an html comman in <__>, the a href says link to the site, the site you link to is in quotes and starts with http// and the words that are active links are within the <a> and </a>.
does that help?
obviously replace your referral into the quotes in place of mine that has my numbers out of it.
there are MANY html tutorials on the web for free. google is a great help.
dont forget karma )



18-02-2006 09:33:01

one more thing
when it comes up to signing up for credit cards, they are only bad if you spend more money than you have.
they are the easiest offers although they take more time. plus you often get a free gift card. I look at it like this, if I use the credit card to pay for something I would have bought anyway than it costs nothing and you get a gift card AND a referral point.


18-02-2006 16:08:09

Ah, the newbies leading the newbies.

Advertising your link is one way to get your free gift. If you want to get your referrals the quickest way possible, though, I suggest you read the rules of this forum and head to The Trading Post...


18-02-2006 19:28:19

well thanx you guys, if i have any trouble with the html thingy il holla back lol, but yeah i hope it works because peopel think that this is a scam that i'm diggin' myself into, but oh well, i'll give it a shot anyway, by the way u didn't really answer my qustion about cutting the card it allowed or not cause my mom (i'm a dork) doesn't even want me to have a credit card...but anyway yeah get back to me with the cutting up part...ttyl...thanx


19-02-2006 15:44:53

no, you have to activate the card and make a purchase in order to complete the terms of the offer.
and keith, he asked about advertising. of course trading is better )


19-02-2006 16:03:28

write your ref link on your ass and moon passing cars


19-02-2006 17:09:12

[quotee01bc52fbf="PoPoJiJo"]write your ref link on your ass and moon passing cars[/quotee01bc52fbf]
hahah lolol karma upped


19-02-2006 18:51:16

omg that's soo funny i love it when people are retarded to me when i'm asking a a NOOB!!! it's soo great making fun of noobs who don't know what the hell they're my self-esteem just went into the negative bullet to the head comming right up!
Anyway PoPoJiJo i don't think u wanna see my hott virgin jy3...u can, but only because u helped answer my question. btu thanx u guys for your help but i still don't think i wanna do the credit card thing, i think i'll go with the stamp thing, or i might do the netflix thing...but until i have another question....JIGGABEDAEYEAH!!!


19-02-2006 22:38:15

I like this kid, I'd try myspace or gettin it on a popular website but other then that I'd say ur stuck with trading


20-02-2006 13:16:12

well i've tried the html thing and all i could muster up was a bad looking link with no picture, but it DOES take whoever clicks on it to the correct site...but i hope someone can gimme a link that i could just plug in my site and post it..because i just can't get the hang of it..but anyway yeah if u guys wanna see my myspace...

if u wanna friend request me make sure u send me a message first saying that ur from this forum site, and i won't be confused and delete you.

-suave' out!!!


21-02-2006 10:01:50

I think u might have better luck with my space if you try some of the "tricks" in this thread