On Hold???

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16-02-2006 10:36:56

Hi, I am a newbie and applied for freeipods.com and I am canadian.
I have been put on hold once. I contacted cx service, they asked me 3 questionsl, i answered and was removed from hold. Then today, i was put back on hold because my account presented similarities with my refferal or something. I contacted cx service and they won't remove me from HOLD status. But I' ve done everything correctly and I took the time to read the T&C. I know all the rules and I feel I am being put on HOLD just on suspicions that re not legitimate...What can I do? Have I lost my chances of getting a free ipod?


16-02-2006 11:37:43

It sounds like one of your referrals may

-Have a similar email address
-Have used a similar password
-Have registered from the same IP address you did
-Have a name in common with you

All of those things sometimes trigger Freepay's anti-fraud system.

If any of those sounds like it's what happened, you may try responding through the support tool with a more detailed explanation.

If that doesn't work and you still believe that you've followed the rules, you might consider sending a private message to the FIPG user "Jake." He's a Freepay representative.