paypal paychecks from freesites

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15-02-2006 01:00:29

i heard shipping/processing times for the ipods/physical gifts were a long time. i was wondering if you got the paypal payout instead if it instantly goes to your paypal account or if it takes a while. would it just process and if your ref's check out, they ask for your paypal and bam! your done? and are there processing fee's when receiving the 200$ or 350$ ?



15-02-2006 06:17:03

I think it would be faster to accept paypal b/c its instant. There ARE paypal fees though, because most freebie companies pay you with a credit card and not out of thier paypal funds. In order to accept paypal payments, you have to upgrade your personal account to either a premiere account or business (its free to do this). Once you upgraded, you will always be charged a small fee when accepting payments. You will be giving the choice to upgrade once a payment is sent to you by credit card. Hope this helps =]


15-02-2006 08:02:17

Choosing Paypal from a freebie site is NOT instant. Once they send the money it'll be in your account basically instantly, but that's [id49f03d1e3]once[/id49f03d1e3] they send it. It may take them a week or more to send the payment to you after your account is approved.

That said, it is typically quicker than choosing a physical gift.