what OS is my psp??

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14-02-2006 19:45:56

anyone know what OS the psps are? i just got mine last week
is there anyway to tell based on the box?


14-02-2006 20:06:00

It's in the system settings area. My guess is 1.52 just like mine was although I was a dumbass and went up to 2.6 DONT do that if you want to run Homebrew software )

unknown uchiha

15-02-2006 12:50:47

Based on the box, look at the UPC thing, there should be a lone letter of the alphabet. If yours is before "G", then you've got a 2.00 or below.


15-02-2006 14:26:10

most are 2.0


15-02-2006 15:09:44

well on the top of the upc thing, it says psp-1001K....meaning it is after 2.0 right?


15-02-2006 15:47:10

[quotee38b5714f6="Darkfire001"][be38b5714f6]It's in the system settings area.[/be38b5714f6][/quotee38b5714f6]

Can't you just find out that way?

unknown uchiha

15-02-2006 15:58:51

ToiletPaper, no. For example, my 1.52 PSP box

UC2 PSP-1001K
WS259 [be91d866cf3]C[/be91d866cf3]

The "C" in bold is the letter you're looking for, third line from the top.


15-02-2006 19:23:44

okay thanks a lot, i cant find out on the psp b/c its sealed and im selling it on ebay

mines is H; G>H so crap its after 2.0 lol

unknown----karma +