freeipod not approved

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13-02-2006 15:57:27

I finished the requisite 5 referrals to get my freeipod and submitted the application to be approved at the end of december. FINALLY i heard back today saying that two of the users hadnt been approved. can anyone tell me why this might be? i did let some people use my credit cards (someone on this forum told me that was OK - and besides it was for different offers i think). would that have caused the problem? at any rate, now when i get the other 2 referrals do i have to wait this month and a half again?



13-02-2006 16:01:15

Yeah you will have to wait for approval again.

As far as the credit card things.....if they are in your name then that may have been the issue.


13-02-2006 16:49:23

you gave someone your credit card?? why??

edit i think you knew them personally, i thought when u said someone on this forum said it was ok that you gave it to them. silly me

unknown uchiha

13-02-2006 16:53:47

Actually I do remember Jake saying that it is alright to use the same credit card for your referrals' offers.

The reasons two of your referrals may not have been approved could be various reasons

Multiple accounts, frauding offers, etc.

Man it sucks that you have to go through it again for iPods.Freepay, good luck in getting those two refs =)