What proven freebie sites offer free cell phones

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12-02-2006 19:40:58

I need a new cell and would like to know any sites that offer free phones (unlocked phones without any contract) also i need a soundock for my ipod.


12-02-2006 20:16:13

go to off topic... look for the Free sprint phone if we win!

and then send it to him.

unknown uchiha

12-02-2006 20:52:20

and GiftFiesta has a cellphone site too


13-02-2006 07:21:49

how many refs do you need for those 2 sites?

unknown uchiha

13-02-2006 16:17:08

OrderCells4Free depends on which cellphone you're going for. GiftFiesta, I don't know =/