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12-02-2006 08:48:55

I'm trying to get my last referral on flashipods. Anyway, I have two people willing to trade, and I want to sign up for pcs. The one who wanted to trade for pcs has like 15 trades from one person, and 1 trade from another, saying that he was a horrible trader. The other user doesnt need pcs.

So my question is, do i go with the user who [b26bd6b227f]seems[/b26bd6b227f] more trustworthy, or the one that needs the site that I want to sign up for?


12-02-2006 10:01:15

Trustworthy is safer.


12-02-2006 11:55:31

I had a feeling youd say that. I guess youre right though, and I can always try and get some paypal if i decide to sign up for pcs.


12-02-2006 12:37:13

lol, I think I know who you're talking about.