freebidding and poker expert cvc not working

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11-02-2006 14:16:07

yeah it keeps declining my card and im sure that the numbers are correct....anyone else have this problem?

unknown uchiha

11-02-2006 14:23:05

They usually decline the same card if it has been used on their site before. Happened to me when my friend used my card for Poker expert when I already did it with my card. It takes about a month or so for it to go fresh again I think. Just try a different card.


11-02-2006 14:41:56

yeah this card isnt working for freebidding, or ultraburn, or poker expert everytime its the CVC, the card hasnt been used before b/c its a gift card....
also when i submit my info for, it goes back to the "offers" page of frepay


11-02-2006 19:35:16

I have had the same problem before.. If you just put in the card, usually it will go after 3 least it did for me with ultraburn