iPod not turning off?

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10-02-2006 19:44:48

I got the video iPod from FreePay in October and for some reason it seems that it won't turn off no matter how long I hold the Play/Pause button down..any idea?


10-02-2006 19:57:32

if it is a firmware version 1.1, that is a current bug. What you could try to do is to go back to firmware version 1.0 and that will get rid of the bug. Check ipodlounge.com for tips on how to do so.

At least its not your ipods fault, it happens to every single one, which is why i switched to 1.0.

hope this helps


10-02-2006 23:11:55

v0h..did you try reseting?


11-02-2006 09:01:37

Do a reset and run an internal diagnostics. (Hard Drive Test etc.)

Toggle the hold switch on and off, press and hold the Menu & Select buttons until the ipod fades out & resets.

Immediately after the reset & the Apple logo is loading, press and hold the << (Left) and select button for about 5 seconds and release.
Use the << >> buttons to navigate & run the 5 in 1 test.

Don't mess around too much in this menu (you can royally screw your iPod) & once the testing has completed, reset to get back to normal mode.

Final Step Update your firmware (download here -> http//www.apple.com/ipod/download/ )

This reset & update usually fixes most problems.

Good luck D


11-02-2006 10:04:55

do not get 1.1 firmware....worst firmware ever...


11-02-2006 13:27:33

[quotecc6aa59cac]do not get 1.1 firmware....worst firmware ever...[/quotecc6aa59cac]

You can't play most of your converted videos/movies if you have 1.1 firmware. 1.1 fixes lots of bugs tho. Your choice.


11-02-2006 14:10:35

yea i had to restore it back to 1.0....even though my ipod came prepacked with 1.1....


11-02-2006 15:23:56

[quotef66e57e39b="akalic"]At least its not your ipods fault, [uf66e57e39b][bf66e57e39b]it happens to every single one[/bf66e57e39b][/uf66e57e39b], which is why i switched to 1.0.

hope this helps[/quotef66e57e39b]
Wrong, I updated to 1.1 and holding down the play/pause button turns the iPod off just as it should. Videos work fine too.