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07-02-2006 15:44:34

I signed up for for an Internet Opinion Group site.. just wondering if the CDs that come from them are new? It says that they are "factory sealed" in their help area, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're new right? Thanks!


07-02-2006 15:47:32

I always assumed factory sealed meant new, hasn't been opened since it left the factory.

I'll let you know when I get my CD from them.


07-02-2006 15:58:51

hmm yeah, or they must be at least like new. I was going to ask my sister and brother if they wanted me to order some more CDs for them. )


07-02-2006 16:47:27

Have you gotten anything from them? I signed up about a month ago and I haven't gotten any cds or gotten charged anything


07-02-2006 17:24:11

Yes they're new. They're run by BMG and as far as I can tell the CD's you get are the same as the ones you would get from the BMG music club, and the selection seems to be identical. The only difference is the price is typically better on

I love them... I queued all of the CD's that I kind of like but wouldn't want to spend $16 on.


07-02-2006 17:56:31

ragefu, did you login and add a CD to your queue? That's the CD you're supposed to get, included in your membership. I added one to it and it looks like they'll start processing it tomorrow.


07-02-2006 18:55:20

i have gotten two or three cd's from them, seem to be new

great offer, finally get something thats worthwhile


10-02-2006 12:06:41

I just signed up for this and I was wondering if there was a catch. $6 for CDs seems too good to be true, but if that's the case then I will enjoy this membership for a long time to come.


10-02-2006 12:58:30

Yup, was a little curious as to how they can offer such a low price for CDs. But I'm guessing it's because these are older CDs that were liquidated and therefore sold at a low price. But anyways, this is a really good offer...they just shipped out my first CD today! I'll probably keep the membership for a while also.


10-02-2006 16:41:42

ya, it really is what it says. i pay $6 a month, and i get a cd. i got a cd about 5-6 days after i signed up, and it was in the package and seemed pretty new. i told my siblings that if there's any cds they want, let me know and i'll put it in for them. it's really a great way to get cds for really cheap.

they're run by BMG? i did BMG before, and got the 12 cds or whatever for i think $55....not bad, but i havn't used it since then. i actually like this better. lol


10-02-2006 18:53:22

The only problem is they don't have a huge selection. So I figure I'll keep them for about a year or so.

How often do they send out a CD?


10-02-2006 19:14:58

yup, they are BMG so probably the same new quality as them. they still make money off $6 CDs so there's no catch. )

my sister has BMG and when they have a sale (about $6/CD), her friends order a bunch through her account and she gets points for it, which equates to free CDs for her (just $3 shipping each).


10-02-2006 22:17:53

[quotec9fab9b599="ilanbg"]How often do they send out a CD?[/quotec9fab9b599]
They send one out every month. They charge $6/mo whether or not you have a CD in ur queue also. + Free shipping


11-02-2006 19:37:08

If it is actually through bmg, then your cds will be the exact same as if you buy them at the store (some of them will have "mfd by BMG Music service" right below the upc though so you cant return them to a store)


11-02-2006 19:37:55

I got mine today, it was in shrink wrap.

I got Matisyahu-Live at Stubb's


12-02-2006 10:24:42

Good music.

Anyway, this offer credited really quickly for me. One of the best thus far.


23-02-2006 23:39:07

Is this offer still crediting well on the DIY sites?


24-02-2006 13:17:15

one thing that can happen, as I know from experience, is that it is possible to buy cds or other goods from insurance companies. what happens is said item is in a stock of items that gets damaged, say by a flood. Said item is then sold with the rest of the items it was with for REALLY cheap in bulk. Then the items can technically be resold as factory sealed if they still are. rarely if they are in good condition some people do not let on that they were damaged. usually this doesnt happen and the information is given to the buyers. just a bit of info from the past. I doubt that is what is going on here ) I think i will sign up for this offer as it sounds great!


24-02-2006 14:29:11

For what it's worth this company is owned or operated by BMG. BMG is large enough that they may have negotiated great CD prices. I'm curious if someone who's gotten a CD can look to see if it has the BMG bar code on it, like BMG CDs used to have.


24-02-2006 20:41:25

Right by the UPC on mine it says "Mfd. for BMG Direct".


24-02-2006 23:10:54

Mine doesn't say anything about BMG on it shrug The plastic wrap was a little open when I got it maybe it was a return?


25-02-2006 07:28:34

[quotefa0529a2c5="tylerc"]Right by the UPC on mine it says "Mfd. for BMG Direct".[/quotefa0529a2c5]

Taaaa Dah.


25-02-2006 12:47:24

this offer goes straight to a bmg looking site. i was confused when it said 5 dvds for $0.49? didnt seem to be the right link...this was on freepay macminis


25-02-2006 13:36:33

[quote8d79d7b114="doylnea"]Is this offer still crediting well on the DIY sites?[/quote8d79d7b114]

Yes, it credited within one day on the Rolex site.


25-02-2006 13:41:26

ok so I just signed up for and I got the confirmation page that said I had been accepted and whatever. Well I went to and I can't login and I have received no email yet. Should I be freaking out? I took a screenshot of the page just incase but still....


26-02-2006 19:34:22

I bought a Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits CD from and on mine, it does say by the upc "mfd. for BMG Music".