Still get credit if offer isn't what you are looking for?

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07-02-2006 08:08:36

If, in good faith, you complete an offer, and try it out, but find out it's not right for you, will you still get credited even if you licoughli before you are credited?


07-02-2006 08:24:56

Yes, as long as you legitimetly tried the offer, you will get credit. Remember, some offers on the freebie sites require you to stay past the free trial period, so just read the requirements for each offer before you "cough"


09-02-2006 01:55:14

Thanks Timmywangy. i was wondering the same thing. ) i hope it's the same for DIY sites, because some of those are taking a while to credit.


09-02-2006 14:18:35

yeah you do.