Freepay doesn't load for me

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06-02-2006 12:42:57

So after a few months, I decide that I want to try something to finish up my Freepay PSP account. I've loaded and logged into Freepay sites before, but now all I get is a total blank white page in Firefox, and a "Page Cannot Be...etc..." in Internet Explorer. This just started happening to me within the last month or so. Help!


06-02-2006 18:13:59

Its been loading load slow for Safari (iMac) also, just give it some time and see if it loads.


07-02-2006 12:30:22

I have no problem loading it, using Safari.


09-02-2006 00:13:52

Well now it'll load for me, but after I log in and then try to go to another page such as "refer friends" it'll tell me to log in again. So I do, and it doesn't do anything, but stay at that page, and keep telling me to log in. wtf&$&(%@^