eBay offer on DIY

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05-02-2006 21:08:06

[quote5974940b25]To qualify for your free gift, you must register for eBay and place a "Buy it Now" a MINIMUM of 2 times in the next 7 days in order to receive your gift. [/quote5974940b25]

when it says Place a Buy It Now, does it mean we have to BUY an item with the Buy It Now option, or LIST our own item with the buy it now option?


05-02-2006 21:08:54

I think it means you have to buy two items using Buy It Now.


05-02-2006 21:15:08

You have to buy the items(s), for the YFDirect sites, I think you have to BIN on 2 items.


07-02-2006 17:59:47

I bought magazine subscriptions. There are some super cheap ones on eBay. D


07-02-2006 18:11:39

good thinking ^ ill do this one over the weekend.


07-02-2006 18:23:59

Gmail invites are a penny, for those steeped for cash.