Was I scammed?

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04-02-2006 22:17:00

I had recently gone into a trade with someone and I had to go green first. I went green very quickly for him and a few days later he said he had completed an offer for me. A few days after that, I discover that the account he used to sign up under me has been put on hold. I sent him a few PMs asking him what had happened and what he plans on doing to get me my green he still owes me. I have given him just over a week and not a single response to any of the three PMs I had sent him. In fact, they are all still sitting in my outbox, unread. What should I do? His TR is at four with all good comments so I am slightly confused.



04-02-2006 22:24:35

See if you can communicate with him before jumping to conclusions.


04-02-2006 22:44:20

[quote2260c15667="stoogepid"]See if you can communicate with him before jumping to conclusions.[/quote2260c15667]

Yea I know. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt here. I was just wondering how long do I have to wait before I know he is scamming me? All communication just sort of dropped suddenly.


05-02-2006 07:03:04

PM a MOD and see if they can do anything.