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unknown uchiha

03-02-2006 14:37:53

So I signed up for the "Cheat and Eat Diet" pills through Anygift4five about 2-3 weeks back. I got the pills, it didn't help me lose weight so I called to discontinue my autoship program.

What do I get? Elevator music for two minutes, followed by "A representative will be with you shortly", then another minute of elevator music, followed by "Please leave your name and number explaining the reason of your call and we will get back to you". I leave my name and number and a short message. The next day No call back. The day after No call back.

I call them about ten times, each time losing my patience. I call over the course of two weeks.

While doing so I email= customer support. What do I get from them? An automated message to email customer support. What do I get from them? An automated message to email

I email them. What do I get? The SAME automated message from customer support.

Then they conveniently charge me $120 which my Paypal Mastercard blocks and then suddenly they start harrassing ME with phone calls when I am in class. I tell them I'll call back, they leave two messages saying that they can cancel my autoshipment finally but I need to pay off the $120. I call them back, and thus the cycle restarts. They don't pick up yet again.

Stay away from this offer! Is there any way to get them to stop?


03-02-2006 14:58:59

Then I assume I will be having to deal with them calling me too, I used my PayPal CC and never have any money in there.

unknown uchiha

03-02-2006 15:04:37

Yes, they're rediculous. They called me like ten times in class consistently this morning.


03-02-2006 17:16:38

Bitches, please. I keep my phone on silent and I'll block their number. That, or as soon as I pick up, say "FUCK OFF!"


03-02-2006 18:59:34

Same shit happened to me.

unknown uchiha

03-02-2006 20:39:07

Any way to resolve without paying a cent to these shady merchants?


11-02-2006 02:26:23

ha lol I can't believe you used the product unknown. Yeah but their customer service sucks I suggest you have your card canceled/closed. They own that white over night as well so don't do that one and go to these