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30-01-2006 14:08:56

ok so im 15 and i saw the guide that sed that i gan get a prepaid card at those coinstar machines so i got 1 then later found out i need my social security # so my parents were like fuck no! rite there so is there any other alternatives i can use or am i going to have to wait some more years till i get a credit card and can do it my self(really dont wana wait that long) pls help


30-01-2006 14:09:58

Why would you need your SS#? Offers should never ask for that, and the ones that do, you avoid.


30-01-2006 14:15:35

I think you got the one that is from GreenDot, they require you to add a social security number to your account for some odd reason.. I used to use but there fees went up so Ive just been using a regular credit card now.


30-01-2006 18:46:32

yea im pretty pissed cuz i payed $10 for the card and put $20 on it then later found out that i need SS# and i cant get refunds so i dunno what to do is there anyway i can get 1 with out needing like madd info about me cuz im only 15


30-01-2006 19:00:46

Deposit $20 using your parents cc.


30-01-2006 19:05:21

k ill look into that


31-01-2006 08:17:03

They sell gift cards at many malls around the USA. Just ask the customer service desk in the mall near you.

Also many banks now sell pre paid debit cards.


31-01-2006 11:47:08

how would it work with a gift card? is there a site or something you could post a link so i can read about the gift cards?


31-01-2006 12:21:29

Take the referral links out of your sigs NOW please... or be banned.


31-01-2006 16:34:54

Yeah, there are plenty of other ways.


31-01-2006 20:46:46


Make a thread in the trading area and ask to buy a pre paid card.