Premiumipods.Freepat Requested Approval Help

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29-01-2006 16:35:28

I requested the approval like 10 hours ago today on I was wondering if any one of yall know how long is it going to approximately take to actually get approved by premiumipods.freepay?


OOC [b16d120c1cf]Lol. I'm really impatient because I'm a n00b and this is my first freebie.[/b16d120c1cf]


29-01-2006 16:36:52

How many threads do you need to make about this damn site?

It should take close to a month, but you might get lucky.


29-01-2006 16:57:27

I hope that I actually get it. After I get approved, What happen then?


29-01-2006 16:59:39

You've made 14 threads in about 2 weeks...honestly, use the search button.

Anyway, after you get approved you redeem it, they place the order, and ship it to you.