Should I be concerned

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28-01-2006 11:41:31

If I send a message to someone who owes me paypal, and then he reads it and there is no reply, should I be worried? I have done this twice, on different days, where he reads my message and gives me no reply.

Granted it's only been 2 days, but its the lack of communication when there is a chance for him to respond that is worrying me.

liedited because I don't know the difference between a comma and a question mark and correct sentence structure. More coherent now.


28-01-2006 12:01:55

how big is his tr


28-01-2006 12:31:37

if his TR is high, i say dont sweat it. sometimes i get a PM and read it while doing something eles, and i forget to reply. Give it a week without a responce, send a couple of more PMs. If nothing in a week, contact a mod. thats just how i would play your situation.


28-01-2006 12:42:23

Ironically his TR is 22 just like the last person who scammed me. =\


28-01-2006 12:42:49

Be Very Concerned ?