help me, now.

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27-01-2006 12:28:53

you know how you go from being a newb, to a user, to a ??? then a ??? depending on how many posts you have? Well what are the levels? You know how an iPod gets filled in with every level you go up? Well.. what are they? Also, how do i get those recently played music sigs?


27-01-2006 12:46:27

I like your current signature.

And you get your ranks according to your post count, yes. However, we're really mean to post whores, so if you turn into one, you will be frowned upon.

Not only that I clicked that awesome [x] that blocks out your avatar. That's no way to attract a girlfriend, you know.

P.S You're a little lucky I'm bored or I wouldn't have answered any questions for someone that demands help with a thread title, "help me, now."


27-01-2006 12:58:14

lol thanks sir. i changed the avatar, so you can undo that little [x]. Also, i'm not planning on being a whore, all my posts have a point. many posts does it take to get to the next ranking after "user"


27-01-2006 13:05:07

A lot. They'll show up in time.