Credit Card Declined for Freebie Offer?

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27-01-2006 12:24:03

I signed up for Video Professor to complete an offer for a DIY site (YFDirect).

I immediately got credit (now 'In Progress') but last night when they tried to charge my card for S&H, it was declined. I overdrafted on my card. [Whoops!]

So what do I do now? I plan on calling them up and changing my billing account to a new credit card so I can get their product shipped to me. But will I still keep credit for the offer? I assume that is ok as long as I have confirmation emails for YFD in the they are pretty good with those

What do you think?


27-01-2006 12:31:23

As long as you straighten everything out with Video Professor, you should be fine. They've already approved you, so just make sure when YFD goes back to check your offers, the problem has already been resolved.


27-01-2006 12:35:58

You will definitely stay in progress. I don't think many offers bother to tell freesites to revoke credit, and I don't think many large companies like YFDirect bother to do so.


27-01-2006 14:27:09

Just as an update. I called them up and they agreed to postpone the S&H Billing to a month from now to give me time to put more cash in my debit account. Additionally, they extended the trial period to 30 days for no reason.

Nice people there. )