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27-01-2006 06:30:02

I am in the process of getting a 30 gb video ipod from YFVI. I think I am going to be paying my refs to get the site done sooner. I was hoping to get a 60 gb, but I am not sure if it will be worth it. I did my math, and the rate I am going paying refs, I will have spent about 150 bucks to get my 60 gb. At the same rate for my refs for the 30, I will only have spent 75 bucks. Now, how easy is it to go to an apple store and trade in a freebie ipod? Especially if I am not getting a reciept. Would I only have to apy the difference? If thats tha case, and I need to pay one hundred, I will have spent 175 on a 60 gb video, and have a reciept for it (granted if I can trade it in)

Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!



27-01-2006 06:40:23

Some people have luck, it all depends on the CS rep you get. The closer it still is to Christmas, the better luck you will have because you can say it was a gift. However, you will only get store credit for it. I haven't traded in an iPod, but I did trade in an iBook for about $999 in store credit, so it can happen. Good luck...



27-01-2006 06:53:59

Cool---It just sucks because the nearest apple store is about 120 miles away -> I want to make sure I have a chance before I make that journey...


27-01-2006 07:01:38

Holy shit! 120 miles! I would just forget it. Wouldn't be worth it in my opinion. Sell in on eBay or something.


27-01-2006 07:07:28

Yeah, sell it on ebay. As long as you don't open it you can advertised it as being factory sealed or whatever. You'll probably sell it for 10 bucks or so less than its worth at the store.


27-01-2006 07:27:32

if you didn't live so far away..i'd say get the 60gb for the extra $75...return it and get the 30gb for $100 cheaper...and then use the $25 you just got extra to get like a good case or something like that...


27-01-2006 07:41:40

What about official apple retailers? I have a few of those closer to my house. Actually, one is in Boscovs right across from my office building. Can I do exchanges there?

Thanks everyone for the help!


27-01-2006 08:52:35

If you have a best buy or compusa, try returning it there


27-01-2006 12:01:36

Yeah, both very close...after I recieve and go there, I will bump this thread back up for a progress report.