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26-01-2006 15:46:35

so i need some help guys...
ive tried before to get a free a few years ago
and i gave up cause it took to long and i couldnt get enough people to do it, and honestly i wasnt sure id even get it.
but recnetly i wanted to get an ipod and while searching for some for sale i found this site that said i could get one for free from this site.
i just wanted to see if there was anyone here who had used it and did infact get the ipod for free
the site is....
if anyone knows, help would greatly be appreciated.
thanks alot


26-01-2006 16:38:14

yes they are legit. They are the office centric company. I wouldn't recommend doing it though, because I hear they have some OOD(offers that cost a lot to complete) and they are known to DQ accounts for no reason


26-01-2006 16:42:41

ohh, ok thanks
i did the aol one and i think it will be easy to cancel
but ifd its no good, whats the best site with the easiest offers to complete?
i just want a free ipod!


26-01-2006 16:47:22

flashipods4free is good, so is freeipods, if you can find referrals for that.


26-01-2006 17:14:52

i did the aol one and i think it will be easy to http//[" alt=""/img3c00c1b6b8][/quote3c00c1b6b8]

Did I hear the c-word?

We don't discuss #@li@#$ing offers here.


26-01-2006 17:30:12

If you have trouble finding referals, you should check out the DIY (Do It Yourself) section of this forum. Basically, you don't need ANY referals, but you would have to do more offers yourself to get any prize.


26-01-2006 18:11:01

can it be all the same one?
and is there a time limit to get it?
i did the aol one for and i didnt get the credit for it
dose it take a while or did i get riped off?


11-02-2006 20:11:55

if you dont get credit, just open up a support ticket after the correct amount of days (15 i beleive)