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26-01-2006 12:51:31

OK--So to get a few more ref's, I am recruiting some people from work. But most of their concerns are putting their credit card info on the internet, which is understandable. So, I was thinking about going to the bank and getting a few 20 dollar Visa gift cards for them to use. But before doing this I had some questions to ask the freebie public.

1. Any known problems with using giftcards for offer purchases?
2. Is there ever a problem with using one card for everyone?
3. Should I just get a card for each individual.
4. Do freebie sites care what offers are completed? Say all 8 of my referals did the AOL trial offer. Will Trainn flag that and DQ my refs for doing the same offers?
5. If the card has no money left on it, and the sponsor is trying to bill it the next month bill to it, will they ever go after to person who signed up using the card?

General Questions-
1. Can I give my personal credit card to others to use for the offers? Or will this be considered cheating and will DQ my ref? Just wondering incase the giftcard idea is flawed.

My co-workers have no faith! But I keep telling them that theres hundreds of people out there banking on free stuff for spending a little money trying different services. If you don't like the service, cancel. if you do, then that the whole reason these sites work! Yeah Sponsors!

Also, I just found out my initial offer I had to do, I did and it was the same offer my first and only ref did. Will I get the completed and greened?

Thanks in advance



26-01-2006 14:32:16

1. Some giftcards cannot complete offers like EarthLink Dial-Up because they do not have a set address to the card, different from myself or you having a bank/debit card. Since our savings would be included, the card has the home address of the participant in it.

EDIT No giftcards including visa or mastercard prepaids can do these offers even if they are registered online.

2. I've done this, not problems recently.

3. Refer to #2

4. Some sites get suspicious of walk throughs, but you should be fine if you mix it up a bit and have like maybe 4 of one, and then 1 of another.

5. Nope. Since the card is not directly linked to your bank account, they cannot have overage charges or anything of the sort. This is why many people use them, not having to worry about cancelling (liOMG I SAID CANCELLINGli) offers unless anal about losing any money on the card.

Personal credit card...uhh..I would never do that, even with my best friend because then you are also responsible for cancelling those same offers they signed up for, since you lended the card to them for their service. Then again, idk if you're talking about the giftcard..or your personal cc.


26-01-2006 14:54:22

Thanks for the answers. Most of them were exactly what I was thinking. But, I was wondering about this comment you made, "EDIT No giftcards including visa or mastercard prepaids can do these offers even if they are registered online." So basically if the offer asks for an address, and you cannot supply them with a card that has an address linked to it, you cannot complete the offer? That sucks.


26-01-2006 15:44:15

Well all offers that have credit cards neccesary ask for a home address. If it's something that's like going to be shipped to your house, such as EarthLink's $9.95 Disks for dial-up, giftcards will not work even if you have the appropriate amount of money on ther card. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy hunting!