still slightly confused on a topic covered in the FAQ

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22-01-2006 16:54:26

it says that you CAN check your status of your free site at your friend's house only if you're checking your status and not completing offers or referring people... but it only says usually... so sometimes it's not ok to check your status at someone's house?

can someone clarify? are there any known cases of people being put on hold for this kind of thing? sorry, i just want to be 100% sure. thanks for being a n00b-friendly site, FIPG!


22-01-2006 16:58:34

I included the word Usually because as far as I know there have been no cases of people going on hold just for checking their status, but some people do offers and such but fail to mention it.

As long as you are ONLY checking your status, you will be fine.


22-01-2006 17:05:43

hmmm, i deffinatly thought that was a huge no no. What if your friend has done the site, and is completeing offers, is it still ok to check another accounts status?


22-01-2006 18:03:11

thank you, theysayjump


23-01-2006 01:09:11

I wouldn't risk it. maybe people have lied, but I've read several cases where people logged in at a friends house (where the friend was also doing these sites) and got put on hold. Why risk it?