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22-01-2006 14:49:10

Hello everyone 21/f/nebraska here I read everything i need to read on here just wondering how trading works?

What are the best sites to get free stuff?

Best offers to complete?

Best Free STuff?

if you all have AIM or yahoo I would like to chat look in my profile for that info!


22-01-2006 14:59:29

shock A newbie who didn't spam their ref links??

Anyway, besides your first question, the rest are all open for discussion. Some people think some sites are better than others, for various reasons.

The main legit networks are Freepay, Trainn, GiftFiesta, Order4Free. They all have great customer service, good gifts to choose from and good crediting.

The best free stuff is really up to you. It depends onw hat you want or would like and if you have the time to put into getting the required number of referrals for the site.

Give the FAQ at the top of this forum a read and it will explain alot as well as how the trading works here. There are links on the right that will take you to guides and how-to's on certain subjects that apply to this forum and some freebies sites.


22-01-2006 15:04:29

Thanks a bunch! )