freePSP account put on hold

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22-01-2006 11:24:27

First Post ever. My freePSP account was recently put on hold for people signin up using my computer. Just curious as to know if theres any way of getting out of it. If not, I'll just try another site.



22-01-2006 13:06:03

Use the support function and explain your situation, or PM Jake, the freepay representative. They will close all other accounts except the one that you want to keep. The accounts they close will lose offer credits.

This happened to me for the same site, so it should work out for you too. Best of luck.


22-01-2006 14:03:12

I was placed on hold various times in the past and as long as you explain to them through support tickets what happened in enough detail for them to understand and are polite, then there is more chance of your account being taken off of hold.

If however, your case is a blatant case of fraud and is against their TOS then they won't take off of hold.


22-01-2006 15:44:54

I am really happy that there seems to be a chance of being taken off hold, and I am glad that there are people willing to help me, but I have no idea where to get started. I think that I already PMed Jake but I dont know what a support ticket is or how to use the support function. Sorry for probably sounding like some sorta fool.

Any Help is really appreciated, thanks.


22-01-2006 17:56:39

Go to FreePay's home page (your PSP site), hit help, click the questions until it finally gets to the option "More questions" or "I believe my account was put on hold, but I am not sure why". When you see a big box where you can type, type your response, be kind and courteous as stated above, and I'm sure FreePay will take care of you. Good luck!


22-01-2006 18:42:53

Wow, I really hope so. All other people I have asked before have been soooo negative about my current status. But yall have given me some hope so I really appreciate it. I really hope this jake dude gets back to me though cause everyone is ravin about him. )