Ref not showing in Listing

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22-01-2006 11:01:02

Hi, I opened a trade with a user a few days ago and he went ahead and signed up at the service. However I didn't see him listed as a Freepay referral and although freepay generally lists them like almost instantlyI think, we decided to give it a few days and see what happened. Well...he's greened now on his side and I still don't see him. However, another person I did a trade with on FIG signed up with the same link and shows up fine.

My question, is how do I proceed? I could take a picture to verify, but I don't believe freepay ever assists in situations like this, to help sort things out.

Let me know how I should move forward, thanks )


29-01-2006 19:46:57

Someone made a mistake. Either you gave him the wrong link, he used the wrong link, or freepay was glitched up. Anyways you could always PM Jake, the Freepay represenative to try to fix things up. As far as I have heard, they usually don't move refs around once they green.

Since he never greened for you, I don't think you should be obligated to do one for him, unless it was your fault he didn't show up(ie wrong ref link).

Could always PM a mod for thier advice.


31-01-2006 13:06:48

i think im the other person in this trade lol. if not, i have the same problem