No Offer Freesites [Please Read]

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22-01-2006 09:01:50

Is there any websites on the internet that gives you free items without having to do offers, and just having to refer it to your friends?

Any other sites without offers? Help!


22-01-2006 09:59:43



22-01-2006 10:15:29

lol I find it suspicious that this question was even asked.


23-01-2006 16:14:11

I've never heard of this site, looks pretty good.


23-01-2006 16:45:57

NO How do u think they make there money? Affiliate programs do though


28-01-2006 13:14:44

I've gotten $400+ from them.


28-01-2006 14:38:11

How does inboxdollars work?


28-01-2006 14:55:24

You can get more points for refering friends, but you mainly earn gifts by listening to music and rating them, taking polls, participating in forums, ect.

Gifts range from pens, to music cds, to gift cards, to gameboy ds. They rotate the gifts weekly I think, so you will see new gifts every week.


28-01-2006 15:05:40

Sweet, a Nano for 20000 pts.


28-01-2006 15:07:18

Promosquad is a good thing if you would like to wait 8 years to get your prize... Im still waiting for a DVD that supposedly shipped 4 months ago.


28-01-2006 15:08:11

lol, I'll give it a try anyway.


28-01-2006 15:19:32

[quotec360ee33da="Psyc"]lol, I'll give it a try anyway.[/quotec360ee33da]
well, its a complete waste of time if u ask me, it took me like 3 months to get around 8000 points. I recently blew all my points on like wedding crashers, some random CD, and magnetic snake eggs. It's really not worth it, do www.Fusioncash.NET PM me for a ref link if you think your gonna try.


28-01-2006 16:36:51

A headache and 20+ crappy songs later 873pts.
You're right, not worth it.