Can I create a new account (freepay)?

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21-01-2006 08:52:05

Okay, I created an account with my name, I used my mother's credit card and that created some problems. I had to ask for another confirmation e-mail from the campany I did the offer from and even though they sent it to 3 different e-mails, I never got one.

Now my question is

I have never been credited for an offer. I want to make a new account with my mother's name and my mother's credit card, but I will do a different offer. Will it work?



21-01-2006 11:34:03

As long as you havn't been credited, just close your account and sign up again.


21-01-2006 11:46:03

You can't close an account at FreePay, you just stop using it.


21-01-2006 17:10:10

So there shouldn't be any problems?



21-01-2006 17:11:50

[quote6304af5276="Kev555Bob"]So there shouldn't be any problems?

id say just to be sure submit a support ticket, but thats just me...