User saying he can do other trades

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20-01-2006 13:58:50

Hi, there is a user who sent me a pm with a TR > 10 and said he would be my referral for freepremiumipods if i was his for another site. So we set up a trade. But then the same guy pm'd my friend and tried to set up a trade with him, saying he could be a referral under his freepremiumipods acct.


20-01-2006 15:35:23

he is making dupilcate accounts which can cause your green to turn red if he does an offer for you. my suggestion, dont trade with him.


20-01-2006 16:02:47

Indeed. Or he's trying to scam one or both of you, or he has a friend doing the other one, but that doesn't seem likely.

Anyway, who is this trader? We should surely avoid him until this is cleared up.


11-02-2006 20:23:24

yeah...check to see if a friend is doing it under his account. then you would be fine, but otherwise it will go red


12-02-2006 10:23:26

He still needs to say it's his friend though.