How Long To Wait For TR credit

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20-01-2006 13:22:08


I have just completed a trade that has taken two months to finish. Both me and the person I traded with have requested TR and I'm just curious as to how long it will be before we get credit. The reason I ask is because when I have requested TR before, I usually got credited almost instantly. I am particular interested in this last TR point as it will bring me to 4. Any help is appreciated!


20-01-2006 13:40:05

It depends on how busy the mods are, it could take a day, but shouldn't take more than a week.


20-01-2006 13:46:50

I've always got credited in a day but I don't really think about it anymore.


20-01-2006 15:19:45

It's usally a matter of hours.


20-01-2006 16:04:04

It usually takes me about two days at the most.