What is eCurves club wellness?

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20-01-2006 06:48:48

For two different offers I've done recently (trugenix hoodia on plasmas4free and ultraburnpm for freeminimacs), the TOS has a section whose header reads, "eCurves club WELLNESS WORKOUT PROGRAM". Then it goes on to describe terms and conditions for that company. Also, it goes into charges if you don't cancel.

[quote825516de9a]Billing After the 30 Day Free Wellness Trial you will be billed $6.00 per week ($24.00 per month) renewed automatically until you cancel your membership for the workout programs at www.ecurvesclub.com. You may cancel your membership at any time. The ECURVES Wellness may change its billing methods and fees, including supplemental fees or separate charges for content or services provided on the Site at any time. Changes will be posted in these Terms and Conditions. If these changes are unacceptable, you may cancel your membership by logging on to our website and canceling under member login.[/quote825516de9a]

I didn't receive a login for that place. Has anyone completed either of the offers listed above and then subsequently been charged this random fee?

UPDATE For those of you who have signed up for either of these offers, YOU MUST CANCEL BOTH the offer's autoship program AND the eCurves enrollment. I didn't receive a login to eCurves through either program which is required to login to the site to cancel, but calling the customer service number, they did provide the account information and I was able to cancel. I'll keep you guys posted as to whether they charge me anyway. It shouldn't be an issue as I cancelled well within the 20 day period, but there are a number of entries on the ripoffreport site regarding this company, so be forewarned. They both credit offers relatively quickly, but this type of business practice is shady as hell.


20-01-2006 20:56:15

No talk of cancelation here. ;)


20-01-2006 21:58:15

[quote6c4d02e724="compuguru"]No talk of cancelation here. ;)[/quote6c4d02e724]

How about a disclaimer? I know that this type of post is generally frowned upon, but to be fair, nowhere in the flow of the signup process do they inform you that they are actually signing you up for two different programs, except buried in the terms of service. In both cases (this happened on two different products from the same company), I didn't even receive a confirmation email of the initial order, which is supposed to have your login information for the second site. They don't even have a forgot login/password option on the second website. Meanwhile, in the TOS, they clearly state that the only way to alter your membership status is to log in. I'll reword the initial post if required.



20-01-2006 22:10:39

Ya, I think a disclaimer would be fine, although I'm not a MOD. If you reword your post not to us the c-word, I think that would be fine.


21-01-2006 12:20:54

going to let it slide on account of the shady business practices )


11-02-2006 20:22:06

yeah..this company is way shady...i did it and i cant get the infor for that stupid ecurves shit...i cant use or cancel the service...please let me know if you are successful with this problem

unknown uchiha

11-02-2006 20:33:37

Yes, this company sucks. Stay away from LeanLifePM, UltraBurnPM, Trugenix Hoodia, and all their other products. They conveniently send you your eCurvesClubhouse login about a month after billing you, then if you even complain the slightest bit to customer service they will start yelling at you and stuff. Their customer service is horrible. I had a lady laugh and tell me "good luck" when I asked if there was any way of getting a chargeback, and then she HUNG UP ON ME.


21-03-2006 09:23:19

I just dealt with this again. I thought i was done with them after my first encounter in January then I noticed a charge to my card just the other day. More than a month later and they charged me under a different name. Logged into my account that I never even knew existed and took care of it. I notified my credit card company of this company's tactics and they made a note of it on my account. Shady indeed.