Lookin to pay for referrals...not sure how much

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18-01-2006 13:59:16

I want to signup to get a 60gb ipod video (black). Seems the best way to do this is to pay people to do my referals. I am not sure what site I am going to do, not how many referals I need, but what would be a good price to pay people for these referals? Thanks in advance



18-01-2006 14:15:51

PremiumiPods.FreePay takes 8 referrals, you could probably get the refs for $25.


18-01-2006 14:28:30

Dang....I wasn't expecting 160 out of my pocket. I guess thats better than 400 right?


18-01-2006 14:29:22

If you don't want to pay that much out of pocket, trade referrals.

It's cheaper to do offers than pay $25.


18-01-2006 14:55:35

Hmmm...I guess thats true. Question though...when trading referrals-Say someone is going to do a referral for me, and I to them, for their site, do I need to complete an offer for myself? Basically, I am going to need to signup for whatever site they need me to do. Well, can I just do that one offer, and forget about that site? Or do I need to signup, do MY initial offer, than do theirs?


18-01-2006 15:35:00

to put it nice and simple

if your trade record is lower than your traders, you must do their offer and complete it, turn green on their site. THEN they start on yours and green for you etc. Completing an offer is what allows a green, if you just sign up , that is not good enough..if thats what you're trying to say. Or, if you sign up for someones site, you are also giving yourself 1 referral for that site you signed up for, AND for the person you signed for.


18-01-2006 15:35:21

Woooo, your post completely confused me.

All you have to do is trade links. Sign up for their link and do an offer and that's it. Then the other person signs up for your link and they do an offer for you. You do this with 8 different people to get 8 referrals for the 60gb iPod. Once you've gotten 8 referrals, make sure you have completed an offer yourself. You should be able to request for approval after that.


11-02-2006 20:25:37

yeah...the easist way to get greens as a noob is to post a thread in the trading post. Just say what website you want in the title and which website you can do...at first, freepay is the easist and cheapes to do. after you trade for all of the websites, you can start paying people.


11-02-2006 23:50:33

pm'd you on a different subject bildo...