Getting TR

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17-01-2006 15:56:32

I have completed a trade, and my partner has completed as well. We have talked and he has acknowledged my trade. I requested TR and left a comment for him, but I can not get him to request TR as well. I really could use some TR being a newb and everything, but i cant get him to leave it for me.

What should I do?


17-01-2006 15:59:48

Is he refusing to, or you just can't get in touch with him to ask him to request it?

Also, who is it?


17-01-2006 16:02:48

oh, its not that he is refusing it...I just cant contact him. Its been over a week since I left TR for him and no reply to my numerous PM's. and i pm'ed you with his user name, because i dont wont to slander him at all.


17-01-2006 17:21:03

Good example of how to handle an issue like this.


17-01-2006 17:33:58

Exactly, +karma for the newbie.


17-01-2006 19:20:20

same thing with me and jjwalkert cept i haven't seen him in weeks and well.. he hasn't collected his paypal yet. good thing i got six greens instead of five because i'm guessing he'l probably red out


17-01-2006 19:40:08

I'm in the same pickle with a trader that I haven't seen since mid December. What's protocol in this type of situation?