How Long Will It Take?

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17-01-2006 15:27:28

I've completed an offer on for my 30 GB Black iPOD yesterday. On my status page, It still says that I haven't completed an offer. How long will this take for the status page to say that I've completed the offer?

And also, Does really give out a FREE IPOD? No LIE! 100% Answer. Does it really?

I'm a n00b btw.


17-01-2006 15:29:26

Use the search button.

The questions you ask leave no doubt to anyone who reads your posts that you are, indeed, a noob.

Offer crediting varies, most within a week.

And yes, free, assuming you can find 5 friends willing to do it for nothing.


17-01-2006 15:38:03

What free items do you own?


17-01-2006 15:45:01

[quotee19fd6fb52="Lipon"]What free items do you own?[/quotee19fd6fb52]
you can check the brag bag thread to see items that people have gotten for free.


17-01-2006 16:03:40

[quoted491d9233a="Lipon"]What free items do you own?[/quoted491d9233a]

Look at my profile, it has stuff I've gotten.