Heads up to new folks about cancelling a service

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17-01-2006 10:09:46

1. If you have to cancel over the phone call them up a week or so later to make sure they have actually cancelled.

2. If you have to cancel over the phone remember to write down the date/time, customer service rep's name and the confirmation number if they give one to you because this information would help your bank with the dispute.

I bring these two points up because I cancelled my membership from a company and their rep told me I wouldn't be charged or anything but I checked my latest bank statement and I did get charged. I called them up again and they told me they would credit me for the month of January and cancel my membership and that they would send me a $25 gift card for Sears which I was suppose to get in December but never did. Anyway, the company is some Canadian one called Galleria and if any of you recently cancelled I suggest double-checking.

btw, if anyone's wondering the rep who screwed me over..his name is Gayson.


17-01-2006 14:40:03

Uh..new folks?


17-01-2006 14:41:30

and u realize we dont talk about cancelling here?


17-01-2006 15:53:21