Question about using non-US email account

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16-01-2006 07:51:01

I originally posted this in the freepay discussion thread, but thought it might be better suited for this one

I have signed up for several freepay sites using an email address with a .ruurl==http://=http:///url (Russia) extension. This is the address I use for anything that may result in spam, and I never really thought it would be a problem. I have also received credit on several freepay offers, but I am concerned that this may cause problems with pending/future offers. I live in the US and have a US IP address, but will this still cause problems? Can I get around this by changing the email address in my account settings? Thanks for the help.


16-01-2006 12:46:48

Why would you use a Russian e-mail?


16-01-2006 14:17:35

Because he's... Russian?