Question about Referrals/Multiple Accounts

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15-01-2006 11:46:23

Okay, so I have this referral who said he clicked my freepremiumipods referral link and signed up under a certain e-mail. The only problem is I do not see the e-mail listed as one of my referrals. Is this because he needs to verify the account first, or what? Or is there a limit as to how many people you can have as referrals? Because I have 10 people right now, 2 are green and the rest of them are yellow. Could this be why I do not see my referral's e-mail listed?

Since I do not see his e-mail listed as a referral, would it then be okay for him to sign up under my link using a different e-mail? Just so long as he doesn't do anything with the first account? Thanks for any help!


15-01-2006 11:53:42

There's no limit to how many referrals you can have, has your friend completed an offer yet, if he hasn't then you can open up a support ticket and kindly ask FreePay if he may signup for another account (they should allow this, they did in my case when my referral didn't show up on my list). There was probably just an error when he clicked on the link between him and FreePay and it didn't put him under you, no biggie problem can be fixed if he didn't do an offer.

Hope that helps..


15-01-2006 12:06:23

Great! No, he has not completed an offer yet, but I did ask him to verify his account just in case that was the problem. Now, could this be a problem as I go about putting in a support ticket? Thanks for your helpful (and quick) response!


15-01-2006 12:13:23

No verification is as simple as clicking a link in an e-mail and has nothing to do with him being attached or not attached to your account.