Requesting for Approval Again?

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15-01-2006 08:55:05

just came back from a trip, checked my status for the XBOX360, and it says to request for approval again?

I had 9 greens, now i have only 8 greens, so one of them got probably got disqualified or something? But why am i requesting for approval again? Does this happen when one of your referrals goes black?


15-01-2006 09:35:22

I'm pretty sure that if a referral gets put on hold you have to request approval again.

That doesn't make sense if you have 9, but that's how they do it.


15-01-2006 11:46:06

FreePay does that anyways, if one of your referrals has gotten disqualified you must request approval again and get in the back of the line ( sorry. But don't worry if you have all 8 intact nothing to worry about you should be approved soon.


15-01-2006 12:57:59

dude that would suck if you missed their shipment or something because of this.


15-01-2006 14:12:44

He is certainly not going to be in the first one because they aren't approving people anymore..