Pulling a scammed ref

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14-01-2006 11:41:21

I beleive I have been scammed, so i gave the potential scammer an ultimatum that i would pull my ref if i didnt get the paypal.my questions are as follows

1. What exactly do I say in the support ticket to get my ref pulled

2. Can I be a ref for someone else on the same site now, or would that be creating two accounts?



14-01-2006 11:47:16

Which network are you talking about? Freepay? Trainn?


14-01-2006 11:48:21



14-01-2006 11:59:14

I'd like to know this as well.


14-01-2006 17:13:06

I didnt even know you could pull a ref from the person who reffered you..


14-01-2006 18:19:54

I believe...freepay won't pull referrals. I got scammed on freepays psp's...i greened the other guy didn't....i just let it go. I don't think they'll let you resign up again. And I think the only way they can pull the referral would be to put your account on hold...but then it might put your other accounts on hold


14-01-2006 19:27:51


You'd think they'd be eager to strip a referral.


14-01-2006 19:29:31

you definately can't give that ref to someone else - not sure about not giving the ref to the scammer


15-01-2006 05:10:58

Lol, fuck him over and create like 3 other accounts on that site so you go red for him.


15-01-2006 08:25:55

FreePay cannot retroactively link (or delink) accounts.


15-01-2006 09:24:29

You CAN get your account put on hold if you want, but you will most likely get your other accounts at FreePay on hold too.


15-01-2006 11:47:48

If you do that you will be barred from FreePay for life, so it's really your decision.. I suggest you not do it and put in a support ticket saying that you have signed up for this person and he has yet to pay you for going through on a trade, include any past conversations (PM's, AIM convos, ect) with him in the support ticket.


15-01-2006 13:04:46

No freepay will not remove your ref from his account and no you can not sign up under someone eles. The exact same thing happend to me over ipodnanos.freepay on anther forum. Sorry bro but your screwed.


15-01-2006 14:59:47

[quoted7cebaa408="tylerc"]You CAN get your account put on hold if you want, but you will most likely get your other accounts at FreePay on hold too.[/quoted7cebaa408]

Yeah watch out for this!!! Just let it go, everyone gets scammed, though you might want to report it too FreePay...



16-01-2006 08:24:17

This happened to me once. I let freepay know and they said they would "put a note on his account that they were a potential frauder"