Varying Info when Signing up offers

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13-01-2006 18:22:12

I just have a general question regarding the system structure for getting credited.

Assume that I want to sign up for a new incentive site. I put in my name, email, and shipping address and search for an offer to complete.

Assume that I find an offer that I imagine a relative would appreciate trying out more than me..for example a hair solution for my father (heh).

When signing up for the offer, am I permitted to use my father's credit card/billing info? In that case, he is legitimately trying the offer but I get the credit.

In other words, what is exactly tracked for these sites? Shipping info, billing info, or email only? I assume billing info cannot be shared. And do you think it is the same method of tracking for all sites?

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PS. Yes, I tried the search function and couldn't find a direct answer to this.


13-01-2006 18:32:34

You must understand how much this sounds like fraud, despite what you might claim.

Why don't you sign up for your father, using your info? Surely you don't need a hair solution...


13-01-2006 18:42:17

Yeah I understand how it can be fraud..which is why I want to know the system better before I am claimed as fraudulent.

I'll give another example of something that would make my life easier but be considered fraudulent

I live at a temporary address (1 year lease) different from my billing address (permanent residency). Therefore, I would like items shipped this temporary address since I currently reside there. But to sign up using a credit card, I MUST use my billing address which doesn't match (Unless I go through the inconvencies of changing billing address..but thats annoying.)

Similar to the first post, the addresses don't match and I may be red flagged because I have a different shipping address than billing address.

Any takes of this situation now?


13-01-2006 23:09:38

I think your billing address and your shipping address can be different. This, however, may not work for all offers.


14-01-2006 13:09:39

Zbalz you are very close to being banned.