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The Truth

13-01-2006 11:34:25

I have just signed up for the offer to get a black nano. Yestreday I ordered the 7 Columbia House DVDs but after realizing how ripped off I'm getting compared to the $1 offer I need to cancel. I emailed Comlumbia House concerning this issue, but I was just wondering if any of you knew. Will I be able to cancel my order? I have not yet payed, so maybe I have to do that before they even bother shipping it to me.


13-01-2006 11:54:27

We do not condone or discuss cancellation.. Its a Zero-Tolerance policy.


13-01-2006 14:01:50

Also no ref links in your sig...


13-01-2006 15:04:20

Wow, not one but two rules broken.