Trading Module 'Wording' Clarification Needed

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13-01-2006 06:52:07

Assume I am the requestor, as I am for all my current trades. I complete an offer and it is approved by the site. Under 'requestor status', should I select 'Gone Green' or 'Offer Completed'? I am just unsure whether or not 'Gone Green' is to state that my trading partner is seen as green on my referrals list OR that I have personally gone green (same goes with yellow)




13-01-2006 12:04:59

Either one is fine.


13-01-2006 15:01:45

Offer Completed is usually used when you have signed up at a site and completed an offer, but have yet to receive credit for it.

Gone Green is used when you have actually received the credit and it is to show or update YOUR status. So if you did an offer but didn't get credit yet, you would change it to Offer Completed. If you have gone green, then you change it to Gone Green.


14-01-2006 06:29:36

I still haven't received credit for sucessful trades done about two weeks ago.


14-01-2006 11:15:31

it really dosn't matter what u put as long as at the end you request TR. Everything u do before that is just to let the other person you're trading with know what's going on.

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