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12-01-2006 03:13:50

When I first signed up to, I didn't think to do a referral for my friend, so I just signed up on my own. I started to complete an offer, then my pal begged me to refer for him.

So I was like, "Okay, I'll just start again with a new email address and get a referral for my friend".

However, on the second try, completing an offer has been a headache, and upon signing into my first email address, I noticed that it showed my offer as completed...

So, which email address should I use? The original one with a completed offer? Or the new uncompleted one, referring my friend, and with 1/5 referrals on it.

So... to make a long story short
Original Address Offer completed, 0 referrals.
Second address Offer incomplete, 1 referral

Also, will I get banned for being registered twice?


12-01-2006 06:53:00

If you use the one with an offer completed, you'll have to get an extra referral.

If you use the one with 1 referral and no offers, you'll have less referrals to get, but you will have to do another offer yourself( a different one than before ), and will have to contact Freepay to freeze your first account.

If Freepay freezes your completed account for you to use the 1 referral one, your friend will lose your referral, and if he isn't already approved, it will suck for him.

I would stick with the one you completed the offer on, and get 5 more friends to do it.

And no, you won't get banned for being registered here. They have a staff member who comes here to answer some questions for us )


12-01-2006 11:12:28

Arright, thanks for the help. Is there any way I can get them to transfer my offer my completion to my account with referral?

Or do I have to choose between losing my completed offer, and losing a completed referral?



12-01-2006 16:49:59

You have to chose between losing one, they won't merge the accounts.