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11-01-2006 15:41:20

what company is this? is this reliable? i want to do the, how was the crediting? receiving gift?


11-01-2006 15:56:41

Their all legit


11-01-2006 15:59:26

Level B at A4F

Credit is excellent.

Since we're from CAN, it will take longer to recieve gifts cause she sends them to herself before shipping it to Vancouver.


11-01-2006 16:32:35

oh cool, how much do people usually ask for, moneywise paypal, for each referral?


11-01-2006 16:38:17

Credit is shite.

I did an offer for dudelovesfinch on AnyGift4Two and AnyGift4Three and neither credited. Not only that but she can't ask her advertisers for credit, won't ask them for credit and doesn't allow you to to ask for manual credit if one of the offers don't green.

But yet any other site that has those offers on it you can ask for manual credit?

Sounds like bullshit to me.


11-01-2006 17:07:01

i'm scared.


11-01-2006 17:16:56

AnyGift4N is a great site.

Crediting -Most crediting is done in one day, if not ten. If you don't get credit, which happens rarely, you can't ask for manual credit, but it rarely happens.

Customer Support- She is also keeping people updated on A4F and answers most support tickets in less than three days. Altho it is easier to PM her on A4F

Approval - Takes less than a week, even faster if you PM her on A4F.

Shipping - Usually done as soon as you get approved but at other times it takes a week or so.


11-01-2006 17:50:11

I don't get why she can't manually credit.


11-01-2006 17:53:35

I still highly recommend her site.


11-01-2006 17:55:14

I do too, I've had good experiences with it.

Still working on AnyGift4Four, though, I'm waiting on a guy to get back from China for my last referral.


11-01-2006 18:19:18

well i'm thinking of just doing anygift4two..haha, but i don't want to waste time


11-01-2006 19:29:31

AnyGift4Two becomes ANyGift4Three if you want a physical item.

Shipping to Can costs 1 Referral