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11-01-2006 11:52:20

I didn't know if this should go in this forum of the DIY forum, but here goes. I signed up for the GagetCity ipod shuffle, which only requires 1 offer. I figured it was a pretty good deal, so i did it. I put in all my info and stuff like that, and then went through all the surveys and stuff trying to get you to sign up for extra stuff before you acually get to doing an offer. I went thorough those and didn't do anything, i just skipped through them.

Abut halfway through this survey, a popup appeared and it was the main page where you have to do an offer. I went back to the survey and finished that up, and then it brought me to the main page again. I don't know what happened, but i was left with two windows open, both for GagetCity, advertising the same offers. one was a normal window, the other was a smaller one that couldn't be minimized or anything like that, you could only close it. they looked exactly the same, and had the same offers on it. I clicked on an offer and went through the signup process and when i was done i closed the window.

Now, i'm not getting any type of confirmation email from either GagetCity or the company i did the offer through. I know it's not instant, but does anyone know how long it takes for a confirmation email to come throgh. All my other offers have been reletively short amount of time. also, does anyone know why there was two windows? thanks for your help.

p.s. it was done through IE with cookies on, i'm just not sure if i should have signup up throgh the first or second window that came up. They looked the same, but i'm not sure if it made a difference.


11-01-2006 12:13:42

i think that always happens. i just close the pop up window and complete my offers on the main page. but it probably doesnt make a difference.


11-01-2006 12:57:13

jerrysmith "hey guys i just signed up for the sony plasma...before i start doing offers i want to make sure im in their system and everything...but whenever i enter my email address to get my password, it never sends. anyone have any suggestions?"

Airkat "You obviously didn't. If you had, you would have seen the numerous places in various threads in this subforum where that topic was covered. YFD emails don't come through. You need to use the email trick to confirm. Which is generally http//"

All Use the search luke


11-01-2006 21:13:56

thanks for the help airkat...i found the site and saw my account, so i'm all set. what happens if i didn't receive a confirmation email from the offer i did?