Multiple accounts-uniqe concern.

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10-01-2006 14:48:45

Ok, i know that there are similair threads but this is kind of a unique concern.

My brother used the computer that I am using to complete offers. apparently he went through the freepay websites and "signed up" by putting in fake email addresses and fake everything just so he could see what the offers were. He never verified the accounts or did an offer.

I have established a legitimate account from my pc..with a good credit card, proper adress, etc. I have completed offers and get refererrals. now I am worried though during the verification process, they will see that other people signed up from my ip address and they will block my account.

PLEASE HELP! I know that a freepay rep browses this any imput would be helpful. Thanks


10-01-2006 17:25:42

It could very well cause a problem, but your best bet to get a solid, definite answer would be to either open a support ticket on the Freepay site in question, or PM Jake (the Freepay rep on this forum) and ask him to have a look.

9 times out 10 I'd say people are fine, but it depends if they see anything wrong with the accounts or if the accounts has suspicious activity etc.

Either way, speak to them and find out, it's probably better to know now, than down the road when you have all your refs and done all the hard work, only to find out that you're screwed.


10-01-2006 17:53:19

I would say you are fine, but let them know ahead of time.


11-01-2006 14:31:32

x That might hurt you, but if he just leaves those accounts alone and doesn't mess around anymore you might be fine. Have you pm'd Jake yet?