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09-01-2006 02:28:07

I sometimes log on using my ethernet cable, and sometimes using wireless. They both have different IP addresses but the same domain. How would this affect me when I sign up at sites, do offers, etc?

Also, I can get a lot of ppl at my dorms to sign up for me but we all have the same IP domain. Would this be a problem? I don't want to get a mega ban.


09-01-2006 07:14:32

If they are all the same Ip then its not a good idea. Same IP as in going through a router. Since a router assigns a IP to your computer, but the real IP is assigned by your ISP


09-01-2006 10:01:12

but wouldnt it still work if they all had different info, different credit card #s, etc.?
because i have a friend who goes to college and i was thinkin i could get a lot of referrals there....if they ban you for same ip then i guess that plan is ruined x .....


09-01-2006 15:15:09

Trainn sites should work with dorms. They say that have a way of telling if your refs are in dorms. Not sure about freepay though.


09-01-2006 17:22:26

Hmmm. This is risky. But I have tons of friends, all have their own mailbox (addresses), CCs, etc. Most of them are international students but too bad they'd have the same IP domain such as
This is confusing. I believe the ISP in this case would be the school which assigns these IP addresses.


09-01-2006 18:03:25

Have your friends do offers outside of your dorms


09-01-2006 19:44:43

mega ban D


09-01-2006 19:58:31

I dont think that they would prefer starting accounts and doing offers from their dorms only to have them put on hold?

Thus, doing offers on THEIR account from a different location would be fine. Freepay is getting money either way. I dont think they would care.



09-01-2006 20:00:22

[quote02521e084f]Have your friends do offers outside of your dorms
I have a friend who has done so. He has two addresses (one of the dorm and another of his house).