Is everyone back in school now?

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07-01-2006 18:59:18

I have a pending trade with a user, and I went green for him on Dec. 22. I gave him extra time to respond, since I figured he was a college kid and it was the holidays. How much more time should I give him to get back to the computer?



07-01-2006 19:04:20

has he gone yellow...or has he not even signed up yet?


07-01-2006 19:25:39

Hasn't even signed up.



07-01-2006 19:38:33

it's been over two weeks and he hasn't even signed up under your referal link? ya...that's more than enough time to respond.

have u left him any pm's...telling him he better sign up under you? if you have, has be been reading them?

that's more than enough time...he should been signed up or even gone green by now. i'd say if he dosn't go in the next couple days, pm and admin and talk with them...cuz you shouldn't wait that long

as for college vaca...that shouldn't matter. if anything he'd have more time to sign up then when he was in school preparing for finals. plus they still have like another week or two (i think)...and i doubt you're wanting to wait even longer for your green. oh well...just my two cents....


07-01-2006 20:36:29

Unless something in his personal life happened which caused him to not have signed up for you yet, then there's no reason for him to have not done so.

If you have been contacting him and keeping in touch, or at least trying to, and he has been reading his PM's, E-mails, IM's etc but not responding then something is up.

If any of those apply, or it just seems fishy, then let me know and I'll see what I can find out or try to get in touch with him.


07-01-2006 20:50:40

Duh - I should have checked. Apparently he didn't see the PM I sent on the 22nd - it's still in the outbox. Makes me think he hasn't been back on his computer.

He now has a TR of -3, though, which worries me.



07-01-2006 20:52:13

Who is it? I can't think of whose TR I have lowered recently.


07-01-2006 20:53:31

What happened to the worse trade stats?


07-01-2006 20:56:22

They were removed since it really didn't serve a purpose other than seeing who had the lowest TR. If you were in the negative TR's then it really made no difference what the number was, you were just as bad as everyone else.

Plus with the Karma being reset and negative karma being removed, it would have fucked the whole page up. We can't have a fucked up Stats page, c'mon!